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CEO: Mr. Mansoor Arshad, DC, D.I.Khan

Water & Sanitation Services Company 

Dera Ismail Khan

CEO Message

Water & Sanitation Services Company District Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.Khan) is a public sector company established by The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) u/s 42 of The Company Ordinance 1984. The company is working for provision of quality water and sanitation services to the 08 urban and semi urban Union Councils of D.I.Khan, a population of more than 0.350 Million. 

The Company is a consumer oriented organization responsible for production, transmission and distribution of potable water to citizens of the city, managing sewerage system within the 08 UCs of city to ensure hygienic environment, development of scheme to cover short falls in services and collection of revenues for sustained economic viability.

WSSC D.I.Khan has responded very well during Covid 19 Pandemic through cleanliness campaigns, awareness campaigns to comply Covid 19 SoPs, disinfection sprays, road disinfection and awareness raising activities in collaboration with District Administration and NGOs. WSSC responded effectively during Muhamrram and Ashura by provided services in 48 Thalla Jat, 3000 ton waste disposal and street cleanliness and disinfection etc. 

Being a CEO I am committed to run the operations of WSSC D.I.Khan as envisaged by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We are working on WSSC 5 year’s business plan (2020-2025) to secure more funding from public and Private sectors including UN, USAID and other INGOs.