Water Supply Management

Pakistan Government is striving hard to ensure access of all citizens to clean and pure drinkable water across the all parts of Pakistan. In year 2001 after devolution this responsibility came on the shoulders of local Governments from Provincial governments in Pakistan. 

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) a number of institutional actors are involved in water management and governance including Public Health Engineering Departments (PHEDs), Tehsil Municipal Authorities (TMAs) and Water and Sanitation Agencies (WASAs) are responsible for water and sanitation services in rural and urban areas. These agencies are responsible for planning, designing, development, maintenance, repairs and operations of water supply and sewerage system in Pakistan.

In KP, the Government entities has also supported by  Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including WaterAid, USAID Municipal Services Program and Action Against Hunger etc, to install water supply and sanitation systems by adapting localized water management institutions and governance systems. 

WSS D.I.Khan is providing support to 08 urban and semi urban union council citizens the services of water supply through household level connections, Water filtration plants at prominent points so that local population can get pure drinking water in their local vicinity. 

WSSC D.I.Khan also launched awareness campaign to sensitize people about the water born diseases and use pure and clean drinking water to reduce water born diseases in targeted union council in particular and across Pakistan in general.