Key Functions

WSSC Key Functions Are

 1.Manual Sweeping

 2.Mechanical Sweeping

 3.Collection of Heaps of Garbage

 4. Door to Door Collection

 5. Desilting Activities

 6. Spreading of Lime Stone

 7.Monuments Cleaning activities

 8. Road Washing Activities

9.Dumping Ground Management

10. Parking Place Management

11. Construction of Dustbins

12. Placement of Dust Bins

13. Uplifting and cleaning of Dust Bins

14. Management of Hospital Waste

15. Actively Participation in Cleanliness weak by the cleaning hero’s staff of WSSC DIKhan

16. Removal of Mud from Centre Median of Roads, Conduction of Special Cleanliness operation during special occasions like Eid Ul azha  and Mouharam Ul Ahraam.

WSSC DIKhan General Functions are

1. Worked with Donors for better municipal services

2. Distribution of Bio Degradable Bags

3. Effectively Management of Urban Flooding.

4. Beautification Projects funded by local donors

5. Killing of Stray Dog

6. Fumigation/Anti Dengue Activities

7. Cleanliness services in Covid-19 Pandemic situation(Home Based Quarantine centre & Quarantine centre)

8. Plantation Activities

9. Awareness Activities

10. Efficiently and effectively management of Own Media Cell

11. Utilization of Print and Electronic Media

12. Launching Volunteer Task Force

Water Supply Activities Are

1. 2200 Water Connections

2. Dewatering through Peter Pump Activities

3. Dewatering through Water Wipers

4. Chlorination of Over Head reservoirs